Of Bindis and Bangles

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Hey lovelies 🙂
Wedding season is here and the hunt for something fancy yet something that fits the budget, never ends. It’s either just fancy or just reasonable. It’s never both. Don’t you agree?

This wedding season I collaborated with a fashion rental service online called Blinge. Blinge has outfits for all occasions from dates to club nights to weddings. Select your occasion, browse through the collection and book your dress! It’s that simple. And all the garments on the website are available for less than 15% of the said price. Isn’t that insane?

Here are a few pictures of the designer lehenga I wore recently to a wedding reception. I’m barely ever dressed in Indian traditional outfits, so when I get the opportunity I get a little too excited and go all the way with accessories and whatever else is required.

This has to be my personal favourite outfit from Blinge’s Ethnic wear collection and I instantly fell in love with it! Hope I’m doing justice to the outfit. Let me know what you think?









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